Once you have exited your plane. You will want to head to the baggage claim area that is located on the bottom floor. There will be signs to direct you much like there is at every airport. 
Once you have secured your luggage, look for an exit area out onto the low level pick up areas between Baggage Claim A and B. It will take you directly to the shuttle you need to catch.
Once you have gone through the exit to the "Zone 2" pick up area, you will turn to the right and see the CLT-Airport Shuttle Bus. Get on the shuttle bus that says "Express Deck Parking." to be t to the cars location.
The shuttle will transport you to Express Deck Parking. The drop off location is at Express Deck 1, but the vehicle will will be just a short walk to Express Deck 2 as explained in the next step.
Once walking off the shuttle, make a 90-degree turn to the left. Then walk to the opening shown in the picture to get the the Express Deck 2 Elevators and go to the bottom floor where it's labeled "Avail Rideshare."
You will recieve a Row and Spot Number from one of our team members that will allow you to locate the vehicle. From there you will use the lockbox code we provided to access the vehicle and start your trip!
Once at the vehicle, you'll see a lockbox located on the passenger window. Type in the code on the pad and press down on the silver tab to open. Remove the box by rolling down the window and store it in the vehicle.