The airport lot address is: 5601 Wilkinson Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28208. Once you type that into "Maps" or "Google Maps" you will show up at the Express Deck Parking Area. The next steps will guide you from there.
Once you turn into to the Express Parking area, look to your right for a right turn before the "Valet Parking" Entrance. It is marked by a purple "Turo" sign along with other rental companies we share the lot with.
Once you have made the right turn, you will follow that road all the way around to the back of Express Deck 2. Simply follow the 3 purple "Turo" signs, or any signs for "Visitor and Motorcycle Parking."
Once you make the second left turn, you will make a left into the bottom floor of Express Deck 2, which is marked by the 3rd purple "Turo" sign. From there, vehicle returns/pick up will be in Rows D,E, and F.
Once parked, place or access the lock box on the passenger window, as shown in the picture. From there you will lock the car, place the key in the box, roll the window up, re-type the code, and pull the silver tab to secure box.