Due to a recent Citation Serving from CLT Airport to E-4 Fleet for violating city code, we are not able to give you live photos from within the airport itself or of Airport Property. To not incur any further fines; we have replaced them with stock images. That being said, if you read each Step and Description word by word it is a very simple process.

Per Turo Policy, guests should return the vehicle at the gas level they received it. A gas receipt is also required to confirm proper fuel use. If a receipt is not found, an improper return fee will be enforced by Turo.
The Express Deck address is: 5601 Wilkinson Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28208. Once you type that into "Maps" or "Google Maps" you will show up at the Express Deck Parking Area. The next steps will guide you from there.
You will take your very first right, which is marked with multiple "Express Self Park" Signs. Simply follow all of the yellow markers, banners, and road paint to get to the Express Self Park area located in Express Deck 2.
Once parked, place or access the lock box on the passenger window, as shown in the picture. From there you will lock the car, place the key in the box, roll the window up, re-type the code, and pull the silver tab to secure box.
Once you have parked the vehicle and secured the key in the lock box, send us a message in the app with the Floor/Level, Row, and Spot Number. Failure to do so will result in an improper return fee from Turo.