Rental Terms and Conditions:

All vehicles will have a full tank of fuel at the time of pickup, Renter must bring the vehicle back with the same amount of fuel as when received. If the Renter brings the vehicle back with less fuel than when received, they will incur a $150 inconvenience fee, which will be withheld from the security deposit. If the Renter purchases the “Pre-Paid Fuel” Package for $75, which allows them to return the vehicle at any fuel level, the $150 inconvenience fee does not apply. At the time of rental, Renter must provide evidence of a transferable auto collision, comprehensive and liability policy for all vehicles.

All renters and additional drivers must be 21 or older. All renters must have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card or debit card in their name. Individuals with learners’ or instructional permits are not eligible to rent. The underage surcharge for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 is $25 per day.

Customers who reside in the U.S., U.S. Territories, or Canada must present a valid, unexpired government-issued Driver’s license which includes a photograph of the customer. Digital licenses are not accepted. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. Renter’s spouse or domestic partner who meet the same age and driver’s license requirements of the renter are authorized drivers at no additional charge. Any additional authorized drivers must appear at time of rental and meet age and driver’s license requirements.

Members of the United States Armed Forces who are on active duty may present an expired home state license under the following conditions: 1. They also present an Active Military ID, and 2. They are in compliance with their military extension policy of the state which issued the license. These policies vary by state and customers are encouraged to check with the appropriate department of motor vehicles for more information.

FlAt-Rate Security Deposits

To account for Renter potentially incurring additional amounts owed under the Contract, a refundable security deposit of $250 will be charged at the time of booking for all vehicles. Renter must provide a debit or credit card for the deposit. The deposit amount will not be refunded to Renter until after the vehicle has been returned.

If Renter incurs additional amounts owed under the Contract, those additional amounts may be deducted from Renter’s deposit amount, if applicable. If those additional amounts are not deducted from the deposit amount, if applicable, they will be charged to the form of payment provided by Renter at the time of rental unless Renter provides a different above listed form of payment to be charged.

If using a debit card for any of the above amounts, the available funds in the account associated with Renter’s debit card will be reduced by those amounts. Additionally, Renter is responsible for any overdraft fees incurred.

Money orders and prepaid cards are not acceptable forms of payment at the time of rental, including for the deposit amount, but may be used to pay any amounts due at the end of the rental after the vehicle has been returned. 

Incurrable Fees &  Standard Procedure

Late Returns: If the Renter is late without notice or prior agreement between Renter and E-4 Fleet, there will be a $50 late fee, per hour. 

Excessive Wear & Tear or Odor, Etc: In the event of excessive wear/tear, odor, etc occuring during a Renters trip, there will be a $150 fee charged to the payment method on file. 

Excessive Wear & Tear or Odor, Damage Procedure: All damage invoices/receipts will first be sent to the provided customer email, then will be charged to the payment method on file.

Missing Items: Any and all missing items from the vehicle that were present upon delivery to Renter (Tow Hitch, Cooler, Child Safety Seats, Phone Mounts & Chargers, Pet Beds, etc) will incur an inconvience fee of $25 , as well as the full replacement cost of the missing item. All invoices will first be sent to the provided customer email, and then will be charged to the payment method on file. 

In the event a mechanical issue occurs during a renter's trip, a 50% reimbursement will be issued upon inspection *Due to insurance requirements; all E-4 Fleet vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers, as well as a kill switch feature to protect our vehicles from theft.*