CMD Automotive

With over 25 years in the automotive repair business, CMD automotive has specialized techicians for each brand to ensure a brand-specific subject matter expert is handling all repair work on our vehicles. They service all makes and models with the most competitive labor rates in the industry, and complete jobs on average 90 minutes faster than a standard certified dealership.
As a Corporate Fleet Partner, we trust on them for both the expertise, the speed, and convienence when getting out vehicles oil change, along with other vehicle fluids and filters. With locations nationwide, they are our go to source for the high amount of oil changes and service needed by our unlimited mileage fleet.

PassTime - GPS

With our volume booking model and unlimited miles allowed without any cost...our vehicles quite literally go everywhere. Unfortunately, with that comes some "bad apples." For both our consigners and our vehicles we trust PassTime for both their hardwired GPS systems and built in "Kill Switches" so that when customers decide to abuse their relationships with us, we are able to disable, recover, and turnover our vehicles in preparation for the next booking without any disruptions.


Our back end booking partner for all of our trips, turo is one of the largest "ride-share" applications in the rental car industry. Through them we are able to push our vision forward with a 100% remote and seamless rental experience.