Are you flexible about trip modifications?

Yes! We are flexible as long as there's not another guest who has claimed your modified time with the vehicle. Simply discuss your modification needs with my support team or my fleet manager directly and we will do our best to accommodate!

Can all of your vehicles go through an automatic car wash?

Yes! All vehicles, even the ones with light bars, truck bed covers, and other accessories; can go through any gas station or automatic car wash! We recommend AutoBell Car Wash as they are the best automotive cleaning operation in the Charlotte, NC area!

What if I get a Speeding Ticket or Toll Violation?

Any parking tickets, traffic tickets and toll fees that occurred during the rental time will be the responsibility of the driver. If the ticket comes back to us with a fee paid to the License Plate, an invoice will be sent to the driver based on the date of the ticket. If the invoice is not paid for the ticket within 14 days, the bill will be sent to our collections company.

What if I get locked out of the vehicle or need roadside assistance?

We have our own direct roadside assistance team that is provided by our commercial insurance carrier. You would simply have to contact our customer support team directly so that we can reach out the the roadside support team and get you whatever form of help you require!