Step 1 - Return Address

Our Pick-Up Location is 200 E. Arrowhead Road. Charlotte, NC 28213. Located Directly Behind University Center, with access from the light Rail. Please Use Apple Maps if possible to get an exact pin. If using google maps, type in "Lincare," a neighboring business to get an almost exact pin. Currently working on updating our personal pin.

Step 2 - Enter The Lot

Our 18,000 sqft. lot has light and video security 24/7. This allows for our guests to enter and exit at all times, and can be seen tucked discreetly in the tree line to the left almost immediately upon turning down E. Arrowhead Road.

Step 3 - Park the Vehicle

The "Return Lane" will be directly to the left of the delivery lane, along the same fence line that you picked the vehicle up from. See photo for further clarification.

Step 4: Secure The KEys

Once parked, place or access the lock box on the passenger window, as shown in the picture. From there you will lock the car, place the key in the box, roll the window up, re-type the code, and pull the silver tab to secure box.